Shell Key Wildlife Preserve

(727) 648-0925



$50.00 per additional* hour after original 4 hour rental. 

*Max of 6 hours

8610 Bay Pines Blvd

St. Petersburg, Florida 33709

​Driver Requirements

All drivers are required to have experience relevant to the area, and conditions they will be operating in.

As well as:

Valid I.D. State or Federally issued

Major Credit card for a $500.00 deposit

Proof of N.A.S.B.L.A. or equivalent boaters safety coarse. (Required for drivers born Jan. 1st 1988 or later.)

Cancellation Policy
​Reservations are required for all boat rentals. 
Reservations are subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy. if you do not cancel within the 24 hr period, your credit card will be charged the full amount of the rental plus tax.

Should weather not cooperate and we cannot let the boat out, you will not be charged for the reservation.

Beautiful Gulf of Mexico

19" Deck Boat

21" Deck Boat

22" Pontoon

Mad Beach Boat Rentals

The Loews Don Cesar



19" Hurricane D/B 150hp (7ppl)

2 hour rental $145.00+

4 hour rental $215.00+

8 hour rental $305.00+

21" Hurricane D/B 150hp (8ppl)

2 hour rental $195.00+

4 hour rental $275.00+

8 hour rental $375.00+

22" Sweetwater PT 115hp (10ppl)

4 hour rental $300.00+

8 hour rental $415.00+


24" Yamaha Limited S 360hp (toys included)

2 hour charter w/capt $299.00+

4 hour charter w/capt $499.00+

6 hour charter w/capt $599.00+

8 hour charter w/capt $699.00+

+Rates do not include Gas or Tax