Mad Beach Boat Rentals

Mad Beach Boat Rentals is more than a few steps beyond a generic watercraft rental location. The involvement of our crew in the local coming and goings mean you will always be involved in the latest and greatest activities!

No Activity is impossible! Feel free to get creative with your day on the water. We have over 15 vessels to suit your needs and the crew to make it happen. If its on the water, we can do it. Questions are our specialty. Where to go? What to do? When to do it? We've got the answers. 

As locals of this area we more often than not find ourselves doing the same things our clients are looking to do. Wakeboarding, snorkeling, fishing, or island hopping? One member or maybe all of us have done it, are doing it, or are going to be doing it. Feel free to ask the crazy questions. We like that kind of stuff, and can usually pull it off.

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